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New in 2017: Costa Rica , Russia , Total Eclipse 2017 , Peru and lots of Woodpeckers from Oregon

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Martino's World Wide Travels

This area has just started construction. It will eventually include all 7 continents and at least 40 of the 6x countries we have visited. The photos date back over 3 decades and many are from slides.

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Martino's Wild Bird Photo Gallery

Over 300 Species and over 3,000 wild bird photographs. The magnificent world of birds - an incredible variety of colors, shapes, & personality. Full of surprises & endlessly fascinating. Some showing the life cycle of the birds as they nested in our back yard or spots where we could visit as the chicks grew. Although mainly North American birds, some are birds species from the far reaches such as Antarctica.
Allens_Hummingbird Bald Eagle Bufflehead Horned Lark Acorn Woodpecker Northern Cardinal